Recording Equipment

Multi Track Recorder

New! MOTU 896HD mk3(FireWire Audio Interface) +FireWire400cable

Mixing Console
Mackie 1402-VLZ Pro+OYAIDE L/i50 OFC(powercable)

Moniter Sp/Amp
Yamaha 10M-Studio,Tannoy System600+Belden8470Raxess ERSS-42+Gilcon Sand(SP Stand

Crown D-45 (25w+25w)
SONY ZS-M5 (CD,MD&Radio )

Lexicon PCM- 91

Amek 9098CL

Mic PreAmp
Amek 9098EQ

AKG C-451EB (3)
C-414TL/2 (2)
CAD E-100
Audio-technica ATM-25
AT4050/CM-5 (2)
      New! AT4060tube

E Voice RE-20
BLUE babybottle

Direct Box
Avalon U5 

Master Recorder
Korg MR 1000

CPU/Sequence Soft

New! Mac Pro Quad-Core Xeon 2.8GHz(20GB) / OS X10.11.6(el capitan)Samsung EVO850 SSD Drive with Digital Performer 9.12 + Apple 27'LED Cinema display


(Sub System) Mac Pro Quad-Core Xeon 2.8GHz(4GB) OSX10.10.5 (Yosemite) +Apple 23' Cinema Display +TASCAM US 2x2

Power Mac G5 2.3GHz DualCore (5GB)/OS X10.5.8 with Digital Peformer ver.6.02+20'Cinema display

Plug Ins
Antares Autotune 7

Waves V9(OS X)

New!, T-rackS 3, PSP Vintage Warmer 2, PSP Audioware

PSP 42, PSP 84, iZotope OZONE 5,Nector
& Mas Internal plug ins

CD-R Writing Soft
Wave Burner 1.5

MIDI Interface
Mark Of The Unicorn / Midi Time Peice AV (USB)

Yamaha MOTIF-8 ,Yamaha CBX-K2 (Master Controller) New! Roland A-33

Hard Synth Module

Roland SC-88Pro (GS Module)
Roland SC-8850 (GS/GM2 Module)

Korg TR-Rack
Roland XV-5080 +Exp Card (World,Super Sound,Techno,Country)

Soft Synth

Audiobro / LA scoring strings

SPECTRASONICS / Trilian(bass soft synth)

MUSIC LAB / REAL LPC 3,REAL Strat 3(guitar soft synth)

Ample Sound,REAL GUITAR 3(guitar soft synth)

and NI-Komplete 8, ToonTrack Superior drummer 2, XLN Audio Addictive Drums2,New! Chris Hein Horns COMPACT .etc


The Other
Yamaha Motif ES_Library,Roland Phantom X_Library,TyhoonSound_Vol.2(samples)

Audio Card
MOTU PCI-324,PCI-424

Negisi ZAC-1
,OyaideL/i50 OFC , AET HIN/AC QUAD,AC Design ZERO 1.4 (PowerCable)
AET 6N-14AW, Belden8470(SpkCable),Belden8412,88760,mogami 2534(LineCable)
ACROTEC 2MC6-20 ,Belden 8423(MicCable) Space&Time PRISM 100a,mogami 2534 (RCA Pin)
mogami 2497
,mogamiNEGLEX2803 (RCA Pin Cable) ,mogami2893 (MicCable)

今やプロでも定番となった老舗音程修正ソフトautotune 7によるピッチ修正編集をはじめ、音響専用電源回路からのピュアな電源、選りすぐったケーブル類、圧倒的なプロ機の凄さを一度お試し下さい。